Our Clients

Government organizations

  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (www.eservices.gov.et)
  • Secretariat of House of Federation
  • Federal Ethics and Anit-corruption Commission (FEACC) (www.feac.gov.et)
  • Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs (www.immigration.gov.et)
  • Ethiopian Railways Corporation (www.erc.gov.et)
  • Ministry of Urban Development and Construction

Public enterprises

  • Harar Brewery Share Company

Private companies

  • Moha Soft drinks industry
  • Sunshine Construction
  • Lion Insurance Company S.C.

International Organizations

  • World Bank
  • Ericsson

NGO & Others

  • C C R D A
  • Embassy of Japan in Ethiopia
  • International Institution Education Addis Ababa
  • HEKS Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association

Head Office

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