Organizational Structure

AFRICOM provides ICT services in the area of software development, networking and security, ICT consulting, tailored training and support service to various industries in the country.

Supporting such a wide portfolio of products and services under the umbrella of one company requires a well-established organizational structure, business processes and corporate governance to focusing the company’s resources effectively towards satisfying customers’ needs.

Putting this fact in mind, AFRICOM is organized into two autonomous business divisions known as Software Development and Networking and Security. The divisions have qualified technical staffs that solely focus on the realization of their particular divisional objectives which in fact are inline with the company’s overall corporate objectives.

The divisions work interdependently in the area of ICT consulting, tailored trainings and technical support since these services require wider range of skill sets both from the software and connectivity disciplines. Besides, the company is structured to share administration services, research and development, facilities, and accounting systems between the two business divisions to minimize operational costs and ensuring business continuity.

Head Office

ETHIO-ICT VILLAGE / BLOCK-1 Ground Floor (Bole Sub-City / Woreda 11 / Bole Lemmi, around Yerere , ) Email: Mob. +251 912 501791 / Office +251 116 679207/ +251 116 679214/Fax +251116679202 P.O.Box 6978